Ways To Build Stamina For Reading

Your stamina for reading refers to the ability to read for a prolonged period without getting distracted. Building stamina for reading is crucial for students as most of their student lives revolve around reading up on different academic materials. Here are various ways to help build your stamina for reading.

Set Goals That Are Reasonable 

The reading time allocated to your student or child should be built up over time. So, for children who are just starting, start with a few minutes and build up accordingly. 

For elementary school students, set the reading time between 10 to 15 minutes and work from there. You can choose to add in a few minutes at the end of every week. 

Change the Way You Read

A great way to build up your reading stamina is by trying out different ways to read. This means that, within your allocated reading time, instead of just reading alone, you should read to someone, read to yourself, and even listen to someone read. 

A great way to do this is to listen to audiobooks, which will help you work on your pronunciation. 

While reading to yourself will allow you to focus on comprehension, reading to someone else will allow you to hone the skill. This is an incredibly excellent method for those who struggle with reading.

Choose The Right Difficulty Level 

If your student or child has developed the ability to read independently, it is imperative to evaluate the difficulty level of the books you are purchasing for them. 

Choose books that are engaging and, most importantly, one that is not too difficult for them to read and comprehend.


All in all, the best way to help a student or child build up their reading stamina is by developing an interest in the skill, which can be done by encouraging them and celebrating progress. Be sure not to get too caught up in the number of minutes or chapters. 

Another way to encourage your students to build stamina is by asking them to join online education-centric communities, such as The Tech Edvocate and The Edvocate. Quantifying your student’s progress is also an excellent way to evaluate the effectiveness of these methods. 

You can use tools like grade calculators, final grade calculators, and even weighted grade calculators

Concluding Thoughts

The longer you read, the stronger your reading stamina will be. As your student or child goes to higher classes, stronger reading stamina will become a great tool in their arsenal, equipping them with the skills they will need to ace long assignments.

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