Ways To Encourage Your Teenager To Read

Reading is an essential skill that all of us should have mastered during our schooling years. However, even though you may be a fluent reader, that does not mean that you should stop practicing. Reading often will work wonders for improving your vocabulary and general knowledge of the English language. 

It is recommended that teenagers read small amounts every single day. During this time, they are incredibly impressionable, and using reading materials to develop their brains can lead to several benefits. 

In this article, we will discuss a few ways to encourage your teenager to read. 

Find Them Interesting Reading Materials

One of the easiest ways to encourage your child to read is by finding materials that will pique their interest. For example, if your kid enjoys science, investing in books related to that topic could inspire them to read. 

More so, buying them popular books often discussed in the media could be a great way to get them interested. Harry Potter is one of the most popular book series in the world. For this reason, your teenager may want to read these books so that they understand what the craze is all about. 

Model Reading

As we have already discussed, teenagers are very impressionable. Thus, they may adopt certain habits that they see around the house, such as reading. If you want to instill reading culture in your home, you should adopt the habit yourself. 

Teenagers are often resistant to being told exactly what they should do. For this reason, simply telling them to read may not be effective. Instead, applying a ‘do as I do’ approach may work better in this scenario. 

Be Honest With Your Child

Some teenagers are more understanding than others. For this reason, if you believe that your child will listen when discussing the importance of reading, go for it. However, you must emphasize the benefits that come with developing this specific skill. 

For example, discuss how reading can improve your vocabulary, better your understanding of the English language, and open doors for you when it comes to creative writing. More so, do not make your child feel pressured, as this could have the opposite effect. 

Concluding Thoughts

Reading is a crucial skill that should be practiced often. There are various ways in which you can encourage your teenager to read. For example, try buying them materials that pique their interest or model reading around the house. More so, you could be honest with your child and discuss the importance of reading.

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