What are Endangered Animals?

Endangered animals are those that are at risk of disappearing from the earth. Many of these animals are endangered because of human activity, such as poaching or habitat destruction.

Endangered animals can be found all over the world, but some of the most endangered are some of the most well-known. For example, the African lion is one of the most endangered animals in the world, and because of poaching, their population has decreased by more than 90%since the 1970s. Other endangered animals include the tiger, the elephant, and the Amazon rainforest.

One of the most important things that people can do to help endangered animals is to be aware of their existence and to do their part to protect them. For example, if you see an animal that is in danger, you can report it to conservation organizations or law enforcement. You can also help protect endangered animals by using sustainable practices, such as not using pesticides or cutting down trees.

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