What Are Some Types of Assessment?


Students are judged to have documented their understanding when they have provided clear and concise explanations of their work, including explanations of why specific choices were made.


Assessment is based on asking questions that probe beneath the surface of information.


Assessment is based on students’ reflection on their work, including their analysis of why they made the choices and how their work relates to their task.


A standard exam can provide a reliable measure of student understanding. However, exams can be time-consuming and may not be practical for all students.

End-of-Course Assessments

End-of-course assessments can provide a snapshot of student understanding at the end of a course. However, they are typically less reliable than standard exams.


A allows educators to see a student’s complete work over time. However, portfolios can be time-consuming to create and can be difficult for students to submit.


A quiz can be a quick and easy way to assess student understanding. However, quizzes are less reliable than standard exams.

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