What are the “Super Six” Comprehension Strategies?

Comprehension strategies are the key to unlocking the meaning of text and becoming an adept reader. Among various techniques, the “Super Six” comprehension strategies stand out as fundamental tools that can significantly enhance one’s reading skills across a breadth of contexts. These strategies are not just useful for young learners; they are essential for readers of all ages who strive to deepen their understanding of texts.

1. Predicting:

Prediction involves using prior knowledge and textual clues to make informed guesses about what will happen next in a text. This active engagement with the material helps readers become more invested in the story or content, setting the stage for increased comprehension.

2. Making Connections:

This strategy encourages readers to connect the material they read to their own experiences (text-to-self), to other texts (text-to-text), or to the larger world (text-to-world). These connections make reading a more personal and relevant experience, often leading to greater retention and understanding.

3. Questioning:

Readers are urged to ask questions before, during, and after they read. This curiosity leads them to seek deeper meaning, clarify confusion, and engage in critical thinking. The questions can range from literal inquiries about the text to more interpretive or analytical ones.

4. Visualizing:

Creating mental images based on text can be a powerful way to understand and remember details. Visualizing can involve picturing scenes, characters, or diagrams that help readers grasp complex information and ideas conveyed through words.

5. Inferring:

Inference is the process of drawing conclusions using evidence and reasoning rather than explicitly stated facts. It requires readers to “read between the lines” and use their background knowledge along with clues provided by the author.

6. Summarizing:

This strategy involves distilling the main ideas or important details from a text into a concise recapitulation. Summarizing helps readers focus on key content and can improve memory recall by simplifying information into manageable chunks.

Employing these “Super Six” comprehension strategies enables readers not only to enhance their understanding of texts but also to enjoy a more enriching reading experience. Teachers often incorporate these strategies into lesson plans, fostering students’ independent thinking and learning skills that will serve them throughout their academic journey and beyond.

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