What are the Types of Informal Assessment?

Informal assessment is a process whereby individuals or groups assess the quality, effectiveness, or potential of a given product, service, process, or organization. Assessment can be done in a variety of ways, including interviews, focus groups, surveys, and observations. There are three main types of informal assessment:

  1. Qualitative assessment: Qualitative assessment focuses on the subjective experience of the participants in a given situation. It is often used to gather information about people’s feelings, thoughts, and attitudes.
  2. Quantitative assessment: Quantitative assessment focuses on the number and severity of problems or issues. It is used to determine the quality of a product, service, process, or organization.
  3. Formal assessment: Formal assessment is a process that follows a specific set of guidelines and involves a number of people. It is used to evaluate the effectiveness of a product, service, process, or organization.
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