What Can You Do With a Vet Tech Degree Besides Working in a Vet Office?

A veterinarian technician degree can open up a world of career possibilities beyond the typical veterinary office setting. Vet techs can find work in a variety of animal-related industries, from animal shelters and research laboratories to pet stores and animal-care facilities. Here are just a few of the many possibilities available with a vet tech degree.

  1. Research: Research vet techs work in labs and research facilities to help scientists and veterinarians collect data on animal health and behavior. Research vet techs may also assist with clinical trials, analyze data and create reports.
  2. Animal Rehabilitation: Animal rehabilitation vet techs help animals recover from surgery, illness, and injury. They may be responsible for providing physical therapy and other rehabilitation services, as well as administering medications and monitoring the animal’s progress.
  3. Pet Grooming: Pet grooming vet techs provide a range of services, from basic baths and haircuts to medical treatments and other specialized services. Vet techs may also be responsible for educating owners on proper pet care.
  4. Animal Rescue: Animal rescue vet techs help with the rescue and care of animals in need. They may be responsible for monitoring and treating animals, assisting with adoption, and providing educational resources to the public about animal care.
  5. Animal Nutrition: Animal nutrition vet techs specialize in helping animals maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. They may be responsible for creating and implementing nutrition plans, monitoring food intake, and providing educational resources to pet owners.

No matter what type of career you choose, a vet tech degree provides a wonderful opportunity to work with animals and make a difference in the lives of living creatures. With the proper training and experience, you can find a career that fits your interests and passions.

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