What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

Various consumer services continue to thrive, including leisure, hospitality, health, social, retail, and wholesale. Below you will learn more about tech jobs within the consumer services sector.

In 2015, Dun and Bradstreet conducted a study to evaluate the growth of consumer service companies in the U.S. Their research identified that there were approximately 455,000 consumer services companies in the U.S., and these businesses brought into the American economy an annual revenue of roughly $ 300 billion. This consumer services field consists of retail and wholesale, leisure and hospitality, health and social, and education sectors.

In our recent technological world, consumer services companies require computer and information technology experts to collect data and manage cloud storage and information security. These companies also need to devise efficient and effective client experiences- and for these, they highly require the services of web developers, software engineers, UX designers, and data analysts.

What Is the Consumer Services Field?

Unlike tangible consumer products such as clothes, toys, and appliances, consumer services involve outcomes, experiences, and processes. This consumer service field requires human resources (H.R.) and computer and Information Technology to provide services to their clients. Companies involved in consumer services evaluate and better their services by concentrating on transactions, customer care, and how clients access these services.

The bottom line is that consumer services rely on people and technology to power them. For example, Netflix’s online streaming services use human resources (actors) to provide original content and technology to automate their monthly streaming subscriptions. Finally, the consumer services field contains countless industries with multiple consumer services jobs.

What Are the Types of Consumer Services Companies?

Both retail and wholesale consumer services businesses play an important role in industry supply chains. For example, these distributors bridge the gap between manufacturers and final consumers when they purchase products online or physically from manufacturers and supply/resell them to the consumers. Additionally, brick-and-mortar services are adding to digital purchasing experiences.

Other consumer service companies are leisure and hospitality, whose industries include lodging, food business, and tourism. AAA and Airbnb are networks that have increased consumer service choices in this field using human resources and technology. Examples of consumer services in this field include restaurant delivery, streaming fun services, and personal purchasers.

Health and social services companies are another customer service company that customers rely upon to make informed choices about which healthcare products to use and where to find medical records and providers. Health insurance businesses, health maintenance websites, and online and in-person companies are examples of health and social services companies enhancing consumers’ active participation in the healthcare system.

Education consumer services provide a knowledge base of accredited and authorized institutions where scholars can locate reputable colleges and programs to study. These services play an essential role in helping consumers avoid below-par, false, and fraudulent practices. Electronic services, including businesses that enhance access to academic transcripts and online learning courses, are examples of education consumer services.

How Can One Get a Tech Job in the Consumer Services Field?

Getting a tech job in the consumer services field begins by equipping yourself with skills and experience with programming languages, database technologies, and tools – these are the requirements for most tech jobs. For example, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science allows one to develop programming skills. Graduates earning bachelor’s degrees are well-prepared for cybersecurity and web development careers.

It’s worth noting that some tech roles don’t require a bachelor’s degree; for example, they require skills in HTML programming, Javascript, and SQL. Aspiring web developers and tech professionals can leverage coding boot camps to learn new skills and stay updated on tech tools and computer languages.

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