What Does a Geothermal Engineer Do?

In the 21st century, the demand for geothermal engineers is projected to grow at a rate of 19%. This is mainly due to the increasing popularity of geothermal energy and the increasing awareness of its potential to help address global climate change.

What does a geothermal engineer do?

A geothermal engineer is responsible for the design, analysis, and management of geothermal systems that can be used to generate electricity, heat, or both. These systems use Heat Pump technology to transfer thermal energy from an underground source, such as an earth’s mantle or core, to a surface location.

A geothermal engineer typically works as part of a team, consulting with clients and other engineers on various aspects of geothermal systems. They must have a strong understanding of thermodynamics and engineering principles, as well as knowledge of geology and engineering disciplines.

Geothermal engineers typically earn a salary that ranges from $63,000 to $122,000. The highest-paying states for geothermal engineers are California, Oregon, and Nevada.

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