What Does the World Need Now? Creative Young Children Who Can Communicate, Collaborate, and Problem-Solve

School is about so much more than just learning facts and new content. Kids also need to learn communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, so teachers need to ensure that they integrate these types of skills into their lessons as well. The world needs more children that are highly educated not only in the core classes but also with important life skills.

Why Does the World Need More Creative Children?

Oftentimes, kids are expected just to do as they’re told and not think for themselves. However, this does not help them to be creative or express themselves. Children should be encouraged to come up with their own thoughts and ideas, but some parents prefer to allow their children to agree with everything they say. But children need to be creative. They need to grow up being able to think and act for themselves. Otherwise, if kids do not get a chance to be their own person as they grow up, then they might not be able to properly communicate, collaborate, or problem-solve in the future. 

How to Teach Children These Important Skills

Communication, collaboration, and problem-solving are three important skills that every child should have. For communication, you just need to make sure that you talk and interact with them as much as possible. Don’t let them just stare at a screen all day, but instead, engage with them, read to them, and talk to them. The more often people talk to children, the more willing they will be to communicate with others. Encourage them to communicate with those around them because the more they do so, the better those skills will be. 

Collaboration is similar to communication because it is another skill that involves allowing children to interact with others. For collaboration, you should allow kids to play together and work on projects with each other. If they grow up not being able to work with others well, then they will have a difficult time finding a job in the future, so start encouraging them to work with others at a young age. For teachers, they can incorporate more group projects and collaborative lessons to help kids get more comfortable with their peers. For parents, they should give their children time to play with friends in creative ways instead of just sitting in front of the television. Parents can also make sure to set aside time for the whole family to collaborate as well.

Finally, when it comes to problem-solving, kids may have a harder time learning this on their own. When a child comes across an issue, allow them to work through it instead of telling them how to fix it. Help them identify the problem and generate possible solutions in order to come to a decision on their own. If kids are always just told the solution to every issue they face, then they will never be able to learn to problem-solve for themselves. 


The world needs plenty of creative children that can effectively communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve. These may seem like basic skills that everyone should know, but if children are not exposed to them at a young age, then they could struggle in the future. Don’t be afraid to let kids think creatively for themselves because it will ultimately allow them to be more successful in the future.

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