What Fathers Should Teach Their Sons

While it’s true that not all families are the same in today’s society, there are still some key lessons which are best passed down from father to son. We all want our children to be happy, productive members of society and childhood through adolescence shapes every boy’s future. The values which are imparted to a boy will educate him into manhood and should be carefully considered.

Here is a quick breakdown of the most important things every father should teach his son.

How to Treat Women 

While a mother can tell her son how to behave respectfully towards women, a father can lead by example. He should show his sons how to be respectful of women’s opinions and choices. He should discourage inappropriate comments by his sons and teach them that a woman has the final say in her body.

Father’s should also show their sons how to be thoughtful and kind towards women in their lives and strangers. These days, few men will hold an umbrella or a car door. However, those bygone traditions hold value in showing respect for women. For divorced fathers, it’s imperative to never speak ill of your son’s mother and to continue showing her respect and gratitude.

Love and Feelings

Many men feel that hiding their feelings is the only way to live. However, mental health and family stability rely on communication. Teach your sons that feelings are normal and acceptable. Allow yourself to cry when it’s appropriate and express happiness and anger in constructive ways. Don’t shame your son for crying or make him view emotion as weakness.

Furthermore, have a heartfelt conversation about love, relationships, and sex when the time comes. Your son should feel comfortable talking to you about these subjects, so he isn’t relying on the internet or older friends for information.

To Defend Himself and Others 

While violence should not be encouraged, every boy needs to know how to fight. The importance of defense should be taught to your sons. A good man is willing to fight to defend himself, those weaker than him and what is right. Let your boys know when it’s appropriate to act and why.

To be Self-Sufficient 

Showing your sons how to share in household duties from a young age will help them cope with later life. Boys should know how to cook, clean, iron their clothes and shop for food. If the mother is the only figure to show them these skills young boys will expect they won’t ever need them. Additionally, teach your sons how to change a tire, tie a tie and fix household items. Life skills are essential to fostering self-sufficiency in children. Young men, especially, tend to rely on their mothers well past graduation for simple tasks like laundry and food. A responsible father will help his son master these daily skills before he embarks on his own.

With these important bases covered, your sons will have a good foundation for adulthood and manhood, specifically. Good fathers are actively involved in their sons’ lives. That dedication will turn good little boys into good men.

What other essential lessons do you teach your sons? We want to hear your opinions.




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