What High School Math Classes Can Prepare Me For College?

When planning a high school schedule, it may become a daunting task to choose the right math class. Most high schools offer various math classes with different difficulty levels. It confuses students which is the best class of their future. 

In this guide, we will talk about the general math syllabus and what colleges expect from you. 

General Math Syllabus of High School

Generally, high schools required three to four years of math classes to graduate. According to 45 states agreements, math class’s core content should cover six categories. Here are these categories. 

  • Algebra
  • Probability
  • Geometry
  • Modeling
  • Functions
  • Statistics 

Since the core content is extensive, there is a lot of differentiation in states and their schools. 

What Do You Learn in High School Math Classes?

Math syllabus fluctuates depending on the textbook, teacher, level of your class, etc. However, most of the classes have similar topics. Here are some general subjects you learn in a math class. 

  • Geometry. Formulas for measurements, formal proofs, and constructions.
  • Trigonometry.  A combined study of algebra and geometry. 
  • Algebra. Solving equations including but not limited to real numbers. 
  • Algebra 2. Further study of concepts learned in Algebra 1. 
  • Pre-Calculus. Probability, series, limits, sequences, derivatives, and statistics. 
  • Calculus. In-depth study of the concepts initiated in pre-calculus. 

What Colleges Expect From You?

Most colleges need you to complete three or four years of math study. Some colleges further need you to appear in geometry, algebra, or any other particular math classes. 

Expectations of colleges depend on the course. If you plan to study in social sciences, humanities, or any other similar course, your math classes are not significant. They will be looking for classes that are relevant to your intended course. It means that you don’t need to focus on challenging math classes. However, you must do well in math because colleges need talented individuals, and you should get an excellent GPA

When you are planning to major in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM), your college wants excellent math skills. Most colleges will require at least four years of math classes. Moreover, you may need to get a particular course as well. 

Regardless of your future planning, it is essential to study math for at least four years. It will open various opportunities for you. 

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you are planning to major in a STEM or other course, you need some mathematics classes. Most of the colleges require at least three to four years of math classes. If you do well in math classes, you will have more opportunities in higher studies. Hence, it is important to study well and get an excellent GPA.

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