What Is a Bachelor’s Degree in History?

A Bachelor’s degree in history provides students with the skills, knowledge, and perspective needed to pursue careers in history, archaeology, and related fields. In addition to completing 120 credit hours, history majors are required to take various courses

Requirements: To earn a Bachelor’s degree in history, students typically complete 120 credit hours, which includes a core curriculum and a variety of courses. The core curriculum typically includes courses in world history, European history, American history, and Latin American history. In addition, history majors are required to take various other courses, such as historical research, writing, and public speaking.

Benefits: Completing a Bachelor’s degree in history can enhance a student’s resume and help them stand out among other candidates.

Tips for Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in History

  1. Make a list of the courses you want to take and the professors who teach them.
  2. Start planning your schedule early.
  3. Make sure you are fully prepared for exams.
  4. Take advantage of resources available to you, such as libraries, tutoring, and online resources.
  5. Stay organized and stay motivated!
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