What is a interrogative pronoun examples?

Interrogative pronouns are used to ask questions. They do not stay constant but change to match the number, gender, and case of the noun they are inquiring about. Here are some common examples of interrogative pronouns:

1. Who – Used to ask about people.
* Example: “Who is going to the party?”

2. Whom – Formal variant of “who,” often used in written English or formal situations, usually after prepositions.
* Example: “With whom will you go to the event?”

3. Whose – Used to ask about possession or ownership.
* Example: “Whose book is this?”

4. What – Inquires about things, not people.
* Example: “What is your favorite color?”

5. Which – Asks for a specific choice among a defined set of options.
* Example: “Which dress do you like better?”

While these examples give a basic outline of how interrogative pronouns are used, keep in mind that some of them may have variations or different forms based on the context and the construction of the sentence in which they appear.

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