What is a Phrasal Verb?

A phrasal verb is a verb that is composed of two or more words. A phrasal verb is created when a verb is combined with a preposition or a particle. Phrasal verbs are used frequently in English and are often used to create new verbs.

Phrasal verbs are great for creating new verbs because they allow for more flexibility in how the verb is used. For example, the verb “to stare” can be broken down into “to look” and “to stare.” This means that the verb can be used in different ways, such as “I stared at the dog” or “I stared at the stars.”

Phrasal verbs can also be used to create new prepositions. For example, the preposition “on” can be combined with the verb “to jump” to create the phrasal verb “to jump on.” This means that the person will jump onto something, such as a couch.

Phrasal verbs are a great way to add flexibility and variety to your English vocabulary. They are also a great way to create new verbs.

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