What is a Plural Noun?

Plural nouns are words that refer to more than one thing. They are different from singular nouns, which refer to one specific object or person.

There are a few different types of plural nouns. One type is collective nouns, which are nouns that refer to a group of things. Examples of collective nouns are team, class, jury, and crowd.

Another type of plural noun is a distributive noun. Distributive nouns are nouns that refer to the distribution of something. They can be either singular or plural, but the most common type is the plural distributive noun, which refers to the distribution of items or numbers. Examples of distributive plural nouns are cups, coins, and bills.

There is also a type of plural noun that is used to refer to an individual or a single unit of something. This type of plural noun is known as a mass noun. Mass nouns are nouns that refer to an entire quantity of something. Examples of mass nouns are water, sand, and snow.

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