What Is a Props Master?

A props master is essential to any theater, film, television, or other performance production team. They are responsible for finding, creating, and organizing the props used in a production. A props master must be extremely detail-oriented, organized, and creative in order to bring the director’s vision to life.


The props master works closely with the director to determine the props needed for a production and then create or source them. This can involve shopping for existing props and items, acquiring them from rental or loan companies, or making them from scratch. The props master must also be able to maintain an inventory of the props and keep track of their whereabouts during the production process. Other responsibilities include maintaining props for future use and providing any necessary maintenance or repairs.


They must be highly organized and able to keep track of a large number of props during a production. They must also have an eye for detail and be able to create or source props that accurately reflect the director’s vision. A props master must also have excellent communication skills in order to effectively collaborate with other production team members. Additionally, they must be able to think creatively to find or create props that are not easily available.

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