What is a Strategic Communications Major? (Plus, Skills)

Are you looking for a major that will give you the skills you need to become a successful communicator? Strategic Communications may be the perfect major for you. Strategic Communications is an interdisciplinary field that combines communication techniques with business strategies and techniques. It is a specialized field that focuses on creating, managing, and evaluating communication campaigns that support organizational goals.

A Strategic Communications major will typically focus on public relations, marketing, advertising, crisis communication, media relations, and digital communication. Students will learn to use research and analytics to create effective messaging and develop and deliver communication campaigns. In addition, they will learn how to manage and evaluate their messaging to ensure maximum effectiveness. In addition to these topics, Strategic Communications majors will develop various skills that will be invaluable in their future careers. These skills include:

• Strong writing and editing skills: The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is essential for any communicator. Strategic Communications majors will learn to write professional, persuasive content that will captivate audiences. They will also develop editing skills to ensure their messages are consistent, accurate, and effective.

• Analytical and research skills: Strategic Communications majors will learn to use research and analytics to create messaging that resonates with target audiences. They will be able to identify key data points and trends to inform their messaging and campaigns.

• Project management skills: Strategic Communications majors will learn to plan, manage, and evaluate communication campaigns. They will also learn to manage budgets and timelines to ensure a successful campaign.

• Interpersonal skills: As communicators, Strategic Communications majors need to be skilled at building relationships with their target audiences. They will learn to listen to the needs and concerns of their audience and craft messages that resonate.

A Strategic Communications major is an excellent choice for anyone looking to develop the skills to become a successful communicator. With the right skills, a Strategic Communications major can help organizations create, manage, and evaluate campaigns that support their goals.

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