What is a Teacherpreneur?

Definition:  Teacherpreneurs are classroom experts who teach students regularly, but also have time, space, and reward to incubate and execute their own ideas — just like entrepreneurs! They create products to fill teaching voids, frequently sharing and profiting through the use of technology.

So, who becomes a teacherpreneur? Any teacher can! Because the career path for teachers is limited, and the ability to earn more money is not the same as in the business world, many teachers are utilizing their talents and gifts to help other teachers learn new ways of teaching, locate new and fresh curricula, and become revitalized by new ideas. And the teacherpreneur earns money every time someone downloads a podcast, video, or teaching strategy.

What skills do Teacherpreneurs share?

Teacherpreneurs are:

  • Persistent
  • Creative
  • Visionary
  • Passionate
  • Resourceful

A teacherpreneur might develop a test prep strategy and make it available to fellow teachers. Or, a teacherpreneur could work with politicians to revise educational policies. A teacherpreneur might innovate a new way of teaching that revolutionizes learning for a specific set of students.

The teacherpreneur does not rely only on textbooks for information but instead goes out searching for relevant information on a subject in order to bring a new level of excitement to the classroom. Ultimately, being a teacherpreneur is a dynamic give and take for teachers to use what they have learned to help other teachers while continuing to teach and bring a wider understanding of a subject to the students.

How do you become a teacherpreneur?

To become a teacherpreneur, think carefully about what you love MOST about teaching. Is it writing lesson plans? Creating a new curriculum? Writing tests? Preparing students to take standardized tests? Once you have landed on what you love and excel at, here are some steps to take:

  1. Join a freelance site like www.flexjobs.com, upwork.com, or another online platform that allows you to bid for jobs that are a fit for your skills.
  2. Consider online teaching in which most teachers have a focus such as home school students, adult learners, or even Chinese students.
  3. Curriculum innovator—when you create a curriculum or even a series of lessons, this can be an excellent way to earn extra money by selling the access online. A site such as teacherspayteachers.com is one way to share what you have created to earn money.
  4. Teaching consultant—If there is an area of instruction that you love and feel passionate about, becoming a consultant might be for you. Do you love integrating technology into the classroom? Or do you love to talk through ideas and mentor teachers? Whatever you love, there is likely a need for that particular skill.

You might decide to consult independently by getting your name out on social media and educational blogs, or you could work for an educational consulting company.

If you think moving from teacher to teacherpreneur could be for you, the one thing you need is the courage to try something new and LEARN! There are many ways to monetize your skills, especially through online work, but you have to be innovative and determined.



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