What is an Active Voice?

An active voice is a sentence structure in which the subject (the person or thing doing the action) is performing the main verb (the action itself) and the object (the person or thing being acted on) is the complement of the verb (a word or phrase that completes the meaning of the main verb). This means that the subject is in the forefront of the sentence and is doing the action, while the object is behind or near the verb and is receiving the action.

For example, in the sentence “John ate the apple,” the subject, John, is the doer of the main verb and the apple is the object and also the verb complement, and is receiving the action.

The active voice is often used in writing to make the sentence more dynamic and engaging. For example, in the first sentence, the reader is immediately drawn into what is happening (John is eating the apple), while in the second sentence, the reader is left to figure out what is happening (the apple is receiving the action of being eaten). The active voice also makes it easier to follow the action because it is less choppy.

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