What is an Associate in General Studies?

An Associate in General Studies (AGS) is an educational program that allows students to explore a variety of academic disciplines and topics. This type of degree provides a broad overview of general education requirements, giving students the ability to craft their unique curriculum. AGS programs often appeal to students seeking flexibility, customization, and a wide range of academic disciplines to explore.

The main goal of an AGS is for students to gain a broad knowledge base that can be applied to many different career paths. Often, the focus of an AGS is on the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and the sciences. This type of degree is designed to give students an understanding of the basics of these disciplines while giving them the freedom to pursue a particular area of interest.

To obtain an AGS, students will typically need to complete a minimum of 60 credits, depending on the school. Most of the credits earned in an AGS program will come from general education courses such as English, mathematics, science, and foreign language. Additionally, some schools may require a few elective courses.

The flexibility of an AGS degree is one of its major advantages. Many students find that this type of program allows them to explore multiple subject areas and customize their education to meet their individual needs. Additionally, an AGS degree can open the door to further education, as many students who complete an AGS program pursue a Bachelor’s degree.

An Associate in General Studies is a great choice for students looking for a flexible educational program that can help them explore a wide range of disciplines. This program can open the door to various career paths and higher education opportunities.

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