What Is Assertiveness Training?

Assertiveness training is a psychological program designed to help people develop skills to express their opinions, feelings, and beliefs assertively. Assertiveness is about expressing oneself in a way that is clear and respectful to others. It differs from being aggressive, which often involves attacking or dominating others. Assertiveness is an important skill to develop to succeed in both personal and professional relationships.


Assertiveness training is a form of psychological intervention that helps people develop the skills to express their opinions, feelings, and beliefs respectfully and effectively. It involves the development of skills such as self-confidence, active listening, and how to communicate effectively in a way that is respectful to yourself and others. Assertiveness allows people to take responsibility for their actions and make their needs known without feeling guilty or embarrassed.


Assertiveness training can provide many benefits to those who practice it. It can help build self-confidence and self-esteem, improve communication skills, and enhance relationships. It can also help people make decisions more effectively and be more productive in their work. Additionally, assertiveness can help people navigate difficult situations more confidently and reduce stress.


There are several steps involved in assertiveness training, which can be broken down into preparation, practice, and reflection.

Preparation: Before beginning the training, it is important to set goals, identify areas for improvement, and plan how to achieve those goals.

Practice: This is the most important part of the process, and it involves learning the skills needed to be assertive in different situations. This could include role-playing and discussing real-life scenarios.

Reflection: After practicing the skills, reflecting on what was learned and how it was applied in real-life situations is important. This could involve writing in a journal or discussing experiences with a coach.

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