What Is Authoritative Parenting?

Authoritative parenting is a parenting style that emphasizes that parents have the primary role in setting and enforcing rules for their children. It is distinguished from authoritarian parenting, which is a parenting style that is overly controlling and smothering. Authoritative parenting is typically characterized by a moderate amount of discipline, a high level of communication, and a consistent set of rules.

Authoritative parenting is most commonly found in middle-class and upper-class families. It is also becoming more common in recent years as more parents are seeking out ways to provide a positive and orderly home environment for their children.

Authoritative parents typically have a calm and reasonable demeanor. They are good at communicating with their children and are able to set and enforce rules in a way that is consistent and fair. They are also able to provide a supportive and nurturing environment.

Authoritarian parenting is characterized by a high level of discipline and a low level of communication. Authoritarian parents are often overbearing and demanding, and their children may feel afraid or unsupported. Authoritarian parents are typically not good at setting and enforcing rules, and their children may feel confused and out of control.

Authoritative parenting is not for everyone. Some parents find it difficult to set and enforce rules, and they may find it difficult to communicate with their children.

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