What Is Charismatic Leadership? (Plus 10 Traits of Charismatic Leaders)

Charisma is often associated with leaders who possess a certain charisma. But what is charisma, and what does it mean to have it?

Charisma is often described as a special type of leadership that is able to connect with and inspire people. It can also be described as a natural ability to draw people to you and inspire and motivate them.

There are many measures that can be used to determine whether or not a leader has charisma. Some of the most commonly used measures are levels of patience, levels of engagement, levels of commitment, and levels of trust.

Some of the key traits of charismatic leaders include:

1. They are able to connect with and inspire people.
2. They are able to draw people to them and make them feel inspired and motivated.
3. They are able to manage relationships effectively.
4. They are able to lead teams effectively.
5. They are able to create a sense of urgency.
6. They are able to inspire others to take risks.
7. They are able to build trust and credibility.
8. They are able to foster a collaborative environment.
9. They are able to handle difficult situations well.
10. They are able to develop a vision and mission for their organization.  

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