What is Descriptive Writing?

Descriptive writing is a form of storytelling that allows the author to describe a particular setting, event, or object in detail. Descriptive writing can take the form of a short story, novel, article, or even a photo essay.

Descriptive writing is often used to provide a visual representation of a story or to capture the essence of a particular setting. Authors who are skilled in descriptive writing can help readers to understand the characters, the setting, and the mood of the story.

Descriptive writing can be difficult, but it is an essential skill for any writer. If you are interested in learning more about descriptive writing, you may want to explore some of the following resources:

-An Introduction to Narrative Writing, by Joseph Bruchac

-How to Write About People, Places, and Things, by Janet Burroway

-The Elements of Style, by William Strunk and E.B. White

-The Art of Memoir, by Julia Cameron

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