What is Formal Writing?

Formal writing is the preferred form of communication for many organizations and professionals. It is considered to be more effective than informal writing in many cases, and it can be more traditional or more contemporary in style. The main goals of formal writing are clarity, precision, and accuracy. Writers should aim to use formal language when writing for a formal audience, and informal language when writing for a more informal audience.

Formal writing can be divided into two main categories: written communication and academic writing. Written communication includes everything from business letters to emails to resumes. Academic writing includes writing for academic journals and papers.

When writing for a formal audience, writers use formal language. This includes things like titles, pronouns, and capitalization. To make a document more reader-friendly, writers may also choose to use informal language. This can include using contractions and informal language when referring to people or things.

Formal writing is often considered more effective than informal writing. This is because it is more likely to be understood, as traditional, or more contemporary in style.

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