What Is Jung Typology Test?

Jung Typology Test is a personality test that uses 16 personality types to help people better understand themselves. The test is used by professionals such as psychologists and counselors to help people better understand their personalities and how they fit into the Jungian theory of psychological types.

The Jung Typology Test was created by C.G. Jung and is based on his theory of psychological types. Jung believed that people are born with certain personality traits and that these traits can be identified through Jungian type assessments.

There are 16 different types identified on the Jung Typology Test. Each type is represented by a letter and each letter corresponds to a different area of personality. The test is designed to help people understand themselves better and to help them find areas of their personality that they may be struggling with.

The 16 personality types identified on the Jung Typology Test are:

  1. The Idealist
  2. The Intuitive
  3. The Sensing
  4. The Thinking
  5. The Feeling
  6. The Judging
  7. The Perceiving
  8. The Psychotic
  9. The Paranoiac
  10. The Narcissistic
  11. The Depressed
  12. The Anxious
  13. The Rageous
  14. The Phlegmatic
  15. The Choleric
  16. The Sanguine
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