What is Procedural Writing?

Procedural writing is a term used to describe writing that follows a specific set of rules or guidelines. Procedural writing is often used in technical and scientific writing because it is easy to follow and helps to ensure accuracy.

Procedural writing can be divided into two categories: explicit and implicit. Explicit procedural writing is written in a specific, step-by-step format with clearly defined steps. Implicit procedural writing, on the other hand, is less formal and is used when the steps are not necessary.

Implicit procedural writing is often more useful because it allows writers to focus on the content. Additionally, implicit procedural writing is less likely to result in errors. Explicit procedural writing, on the other hand, can be more time-consuming and can lead to errors.

Both explicit and implicit procedural writing can be used in any type of writing. However, implicit procedural writing is more common in technical and scientific writing.

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