What Is Project Planning?

Project planning is the process of organizing and sequencing activities in order to achieve a specific goal. It involves setting expectations for the project team, developing a plan of action, and managing resources. A plan can be simple or complex, but it must be detailed and organized.

A project plan is typically created during project initiation, but it can also be updated as the project progresses. The plan should include the project’s:

  • Objectives
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Team
  • Resources
  • Risk
  • Reviews
  • Plan

Creating a plan requires a lot of careful planning. If the plan is not accurate and thorough, the project may not be successful. Here are some examples of how project planning can be used in practice:

  1. A construction project plans the sequence of construction activities, the use of resources, and the coordination of workers.
  2. A software development project plans the software’s development, the testing, and release.
  3. A marketing campaign might plan the marketing strategies, the timing of the marketing campaigns, and the allocation of resources.
  4. A business plan might plan the business goals, the resources needed to achieve the goals and the financial analysis of the business plan.

There are many different ways to use project planning, each requiring a unique plan. If you are planning a new project, or updating an existing project, be sure to consult with an experienced planner.

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