What Should Teachers Look For In an IEP?

Students worldwide have an IEP (Individualized Education Program) because they struggle with various learning disabilities. Schools must make relevant changes to their programs to meet the needs of these students. 

These changes are known as accommodations. The goal of these modifications is to make learning easier and more manageable. However, working according to these IEPs can be a confusing and overwhelming process for teachers. 

In this article, we will be discussing a few things that teachers should look out for in a student’s IEP.

Present Level Of Performance

A student’s present level of performance is also referred to as PLAAFP (Present Level Of Academic Achievement And Functional Performance). In short, this is used to monitor a student’s current abilities, skills, strengths, and challenges. 

In this way, teachers will be able to monitor any progress made by students. Also, if the PLAAFP of the student does not improve, it is an indicator that the accommodations made do not have the desired effect. In this scenario, additional changes may need to be made. 

Annual Goals

Teachers must know precisely what the goals of their students are. This is especially true if they have a student with a learning disability in their class. 

Troubled students will require additional help when it comes to achieving their goals. For this reason, teachers should pay close attention to their IEPs and the goals that they have set for themselves. 

Once the teacher knows this information, they will be able to make additional changes to their lessons to make learning that much easier. For example, if a student aspires to improve their reading, the teacher could add additional reading exercises to their plan. 

Special Education and Related Services

Every IEP contains information relating to the type of services and accommodations that a student requires. Also, it will describe the type of therapy that the student is undergoing, such as speech therapy. 

Teachers must know this information. Also, they should monitor exactly when these services take place and who is in charge. To adjust their lessons accordingly, the teacher should also communicate with the students’ therapists. 

Concluding Thoughts

There are a few things that teachers should look out for in a student’s IEP. For example, they should identify their goals and aspirations to help them achieve everything they set out to do. They should also look at the student’s present level of performance and special education services.

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