What Works for Tracking Learner Progress in ELearning

Tracking your learners’ progress is an essential part of teaching, and not only does it become more manageable with some help from eLearning tools, but it also becomes effective. Even though grades will always indicate the progress your learners are making, and how well they understand the material, plenty of other techniques and tools can provide more insight into their progress. 

Tracking your learners’ progress takes place in many areas: their attendance, grades, and participation. When you use eLearning tools, there are many ways that their progress can be monitored. 

Web Analytics

If you complete some parts of the classwork through a class website, it can be quite simple to track learner progress. By requesting that learners log onto the website, you’ll instantly understand who logs on and how frequently. 

This type of e-learning space can also lock specific work sections until your learners have finished a gateway activity, like a quiz. This also indicates the progress of your learners. 

Other, more complicated methods of tracking learner progress in an online ecosystem include using hotspots and click-analytics. You can view the pages that learners are clicking on, including where the mouse floats. You can see which pages are garnering more attention. 

LMS Tracking Apps

There is an easy way to make an online learner tracking system and it involves using a professional Learning Management System. This kind of platform is specially designed to be closed and end-to-end, in which the educator receives an easy-to-use dashboard and interface. 

These can be used freely to make lessons using media, hand out assignments, and evaluate them from the same platform online. Tracking tools can be anything from analytics pages, which provide you with a look into all learners’ performance. 

They also offer you an overview of missing assignments, past assignments that were due, and overall scores. 

Tracking your learners’ progress in an eLearning ecosystem is not as complicated as you may have thought. In fact, it can actually be easier, as you will have all of the tools you need at your fingertips, quite literally. All you need to do is utilize them. 

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