Where to Watch One Piece Anime Episodes Online for Free


One Piece, an immensely popular and long-running anime series, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its exciting adventures and captivating characters. If you’re looking for ways to watch this beloved series online without spending a dime, look no further. Here’s a comprehensive list of websites where you can find One Piece episodes for free.

1. Crunchyroll (www.crunchyroll.com):

Crunchyroll is a go-to platform for anime lovers and has a vast selection of anime titles, including One Piece. While the service offers a premium ad-free subscription, you can still access a massive library of anime episodes for free with ads.

2. 9anime (www.9anime.to):

9anime is an alternative free streaming website that hosts a wide variety of anime genres with both dubbed and subbed versions. Search for the One Piece series with ease, and enjoy unlimited streaming of your favorite episodes.

3. Kissanime (www.kissanime.ru.com):

Kissanime is one of the most popular websites for streaming anime content online. Although it has experienced several domain changes over the years, it remains one of the best places to watch One Piece episodes for free with high-resolution quality.

4. Funimation (www.funimation.com):

As a leading provider of anime content in the United States, Funimation offers both paid and free streaming options for users. Although the selection of free episodes may be limited compared to premium accounts, there’s still plenty of One Piece content available at no cost.

5. Tubi TV (www.tubitv.com):

Tubi TV is an ad-supported streaming platform that hosts not only movies and TV shows but also a good selection of anime titles including One Piece. Sign up for a free account and watch your favorite Straw Hat Pirate adventures anytime!

6. Hulu (www.hulu.com):

Although Hulu is primarily a subscription-based service, it occasionally offers free trials, allowing you to explore its anime library, including One Piece episodes. Keep an eye out for such offers to gain temporary access to the popular series.

Remember that these streaming platforms may vary by region, and some content may be restricted based on your location. In such cases, consider using a VPN to unlock the content. Moreover, always exercise caution while browsing the web and accessing these websites for free streaming as there may be potential risks involved.


With so many options available for watching One Piece episodes online for free, you can finally catch up with Luffy and his crew’s adventures without breaking the bank. Enjoy your epic binge-watching sessions!

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