Why Leadership Training Doesn’t Work

Training programs that purportedly teach leadership skills often have little or no impact on employee performance. A recent study found that leadership training doesn’t improve employee performance. It examined leadership training programs in both the public and private sectors and found that there was no statistically significant difference in employee performance between groups that received leadership training and groups that did not receive leadership training.

One of the reasons that leadership training does not positively affect employee’s performance is that employees are not necessarily looking for leadership training when they are looking for new skills. Employees are more likely to seek out training that will help them improve their skills in a specific area. For example, employees looking to enhance their communication skills are more likely to seek communication training than those looking to improve their leadership skills.

Another reason is that employees often do not take full advantage of their training. Employees often do not apply the skills they learn in the training program to their work. Instead, they mainly use the skills they learn in the training program to talk to other employees.

Overall, leadership training does not have a significant impact on employee performance. Instead, employees should focus on improving their skills in a specific area and take full advantage of training programs that are available to them.

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