Why Online Reading Programs Still Can’t Beat a Good Book

In the era of digital technology, access to information has never been easier. With countless electronic gadgets and applications, online reading platforms have become increasingly popular. Despite the numerous advantages offered by online reading programs, there is something magical about the printed book that technology cannot replicate. In this article, we delve into the reasons why a good book still outshines its digital counterparts.

Tactile Experience

There’s an unmatched tactile feeling when holding a physical book—the sensation of turning crisp pages, the rustling sound the paper makes, and the scent wafting from a newly opened tome. These sensory experiences create a connection with the reader that is hard to reproduce through screens or audio. Readers can appreciate the texture and weight of a book in their hands, something technology has yet to capture.

Ease on Eyes

Reading from a screen for an extended period can cause eye strain and fatigue, as most devices emit blue light that affects natural sleep patterns. Additionally, staring at screens for long durations can lead to dryness and itching in eyes. On the other hand, printed books offer a more comfortable reading experience as they reflect natural light instead of emitting it.

No Battery Woes

One of the biggest drawbacks of using electronic devices is that they rely on battery life. There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of an interesting passage, only to have your gadget die on you. Physical books will not suddenly shut down or require charging; they are always ready for your reading pleasure.

Increased Comprehension and Retention

Numerous studies show that readers absorb information better from physical books than from digital screens. Engaging with printed text allows readers to concentrate and stay focused on what they are reading, leading to greater comprehension and retention rates. The linear flow of text in physical books reduces distractions commonly found while reading on devices.

Ownership and Collection

For many readers, owning a physical book feels like they possess a small piece of literary genius. The joy of displaying your favorite novels on bookshelves or sharing your cherished books with friends is an experience that digital platforms cannot mirror. Building a personal library and watching it grow overtime not only adds character to your home but also shows your identity and taste as a reader.


Without question, online reading programs offer numerous advantages such as portability, affordability, and limitless options. However, the magic and comfort from a good book contribute to why the good old printed format will never go out of style. It remains an essential part of our literary culture providing countless readers a one-of-a-kind sensory experience that technology struggles to replicate.

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