Why Students Want More from College Diversity Initiatives

College students want more from diversity initiatives on campus. Many students feel that diversity initiatives do not go far enough in meeting the needs of students of different backgrounds.

Students feel this way because many diversity initiatives focus on cultural competency and outreach instead of substantive changes in institutional policies or practices. For example, many diversity initiatives require participating departments to hold diversity workshops, but these workshops often do not mandate substantive changes in how departments operate.

Another problem with many diversity initiatives is that they are not well-targeted. For example, diversity initiatives aimed at freshman students may not be relevant to sophomores or juniors. In addition, diversity initiatives aimed at specific groups of students, such as ethnic minorities, may not be well-targeted toward other groups of students who may also feel marginalized on campus.

Many students believe that diversity initiatives should be more substantive to meet all students’ needs. Diversity initiatives should focus on institutional changes that will make campuses more welcoming and inclusive for all students.

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