Why the business community cares about Common Core Standards

By Matthew Lynch

In the education community’s frantic pace to stay accountable with each other and the government, I think some other aspects of our society get inadvertently left out of the education process. The business community is one. If you think about it, business organizations SHOULD be very concerned with the quality of education in our schools, starting as young as preschool and stretching through the college process. These students are, after all, our future workers and the drivers of the American economy.

That’s why I’ve really enjoyed a new video series put together by the Committee for Economic Development that emphasizes the importance of educational standards, like Common Core, on America’s future economy. Education and business, the videos argue, are forever intertwined and should rely on each other for success. Spend a few minutes watching this particular video on “Education Through the Lens of Business.”

What is being taught in our schools today matters to the business community and it should. I’ve heard the argument that teaching our kids in a way that prepares them for the competitive global workforce is treating them as “commodities” and not like children. I suppose there would be some merit to that if science hadn’t proven time and time again that kids thrive in learning environments and that the economic status of your life impacts its quality immensely. Setting our kids up to succeed economically on the world stage not only benefits our nation as a whole, but provides those kids with lifelong skills that will elevate their own quality of life through adulthood.

I look forward to seeing more initiatives like this one in the business community. You can view the rest of my commentary on the CED video series here.

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