Why We Fear Death and How to Overcome It

Everything has a beginning and an end. So does the life of human beings. Death is a very complicated subject. It is the end of life. What happens when we die? Where do we go? How do we feel when we die? Is it painful? Only God knows the answers to these questions. Human beings have figured out everything else but the concept of death.

That’s why we fear it. We fear death because it’s the unknown. We also fear death because it takes away our loved ones without warning. There are also many other reasons depending on each person.

Losing a dear person is very hard. It makes us lose our self-control. This creates a status of constant fear that we or our close ones may die at any second.

Older people tend to fear death less.

Surprisingly, the fear of death declines with age. The older you get, the less you fear the idea of death and the more you understand it.

Older people have almost seen and lived everything. They have nothing to worry about and no one to worry about. They have lots of experience in life so they are not worried about missing out. Also, some elders have chronic diseases and are tired of life. So the older they get, the less afraid of death they are because they are more than ready for it.

Older people witnessed the deaths of people around them, the deaths of family members, friends, or relatives. It is very hard but this made them stronger and made them accept the fact that one day it will be their turn.

Religious belief increases our fear (but it’s complicated).

Some religions mention the afterlife and what exactly would happen after we die. That is why religious people may fear death. They are afraid of how they’ll feel when dying and whether they’ll go to heaven or hell. Studies have proved that non-believers and very religious fear death less.

This is because atheists do not think about what would happen after death. Their notion about death is that it’s the end of their life and that’s it.

On the other hand, the very religious people fear death less because in their point of view they are doing everything right or at least most of their actions. They worship God, pray and try to do everything right in order to go to heaven in the afterlife. Their faith makes them relieved and not at all worried about death.

Experience with danger.

Encountering danger and terrible incidents makes us very strong and enduring. Those who had near-death experiences are the toughest. They know part of what it’s like to die. This makes them less afraid of death. However, facing danger for other people makes them fear death even more! It depends on the person and the situation itself. Some experiences make us stronger and others make us fragile and more afraid of death.

Physical health

People with chronic diseases, mental problems, and physical problems fear death less. Death is not a problem anymore when you’re already dying. These health problems drain their energy and their passion for life disappears.

On the contrary, people with better physical health tend to fear death less. They have passion for life and focus their attention and thoughts on only the good, positive things in life.

What can you do to become less afraid of death?

The first step to overcoming the fear of death is acceptance. Accepting fate makes death a bit easier when it happens. If you really cannot control your thoughts, you can have a constant fear of death. One that lasts more than a week you should seek help. Here are some tips to help you overcome your fear:

  1. Seek Help from a Professional
  2. Try Therapy
  3. Prepare for Your Parting

Being ready for the end helps a lot. Prepare for death by trying to accomplish everything you have dreamed of. Exploit your free time by doing useful things.

4- Accepting the Reality of Death

Accepting the notion of death and the idea that this is fate and it will happen no matter what makes you fear death less. It makes you calm and collected when someone you love dies. Somehow you feel okay when it happens. Of course, no one can prevent the sadness that comes afterward, but it will be less painful.

5- Let the knowledge of death help you appreciate the sweetness of life.

The realization that we may die or lose anyone at any second, makes us appreciate them and appreciate our own life more. It makes our relationships easier and simpler. It also makes you appreciate every second of your life and you’ll feel like you should take advantage of every moment in your life. Do what you love. Fill your life with the only things that please you and make you happy. You deserve it.

6- Use the fear of death as motivation to practice healthy habits.

Somehow you can use your fear to take care of your own health and appreciate your life. Eat healthily and practice more to increase the age of your body. You will be able to feel the difference immediately. You will feel lighter and happier. You will also feel satisfied with your health and your body because you will be taking good care of them both.

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