Why We Need to Retool or Retrain Anti-Tech Professors

With the proliferation of edtech in higher education, we are witnessing a revitalization of the teaching and learning process. To take full advantage of this opportunity, we need to have everyone on board, including anti-tech professors. In short, they will need to be retooled or retrained. Take a look at few of these convincing arguments that demonstrate just how important technology in education is becoming. Then you will understand my position.

More resources are available than ever before.

Professors probably make use of the many educational websites and resources available during their off-time. However, students can use these same tools to expand their current understanding of topics covered in the classroom. With devices at their fingertips, they can use the internet to find relevant examples or play on an app to master challenging concepts. These resources are ready and waiting, typically with a minimal cost involved.

Technology helps professors to interact better with students.

Do you remember the old days when professors and students sometimes failed to communicate effectively? One of the prominent reasons for the frequent miscommunications was a difference in generation and tradition. Students in today’s modern age are growing up surrounded by technology. Involving professors in this important aspect of education sets them up to have better communication with students. It makes them more relatable and better demonstrates how classroom concepts can be applied in the real world.

Students have a better learning experience.

A classroom is ultimately a place where students are intended to learn essential skills for future success. Using technology, professors can once again offer a more customized experience in their classroom that suits every learning style. Students will feel more comfortable with the concepts and are more likely to retain the information long-term.

Anti-tech professors are reinforcing academic disengagement.

How excited are students when they can learn new concepts through a video game or interactive lesson? The new advances in technology are leading to a sharp increase in academic engagement among students. Anti-tech professors who have yet to embrace these contemporary teaching methods are reinforcing a pattern of disengagement that leaves students embittered toward education. We can’t afford to have an entire generation of students that don’t look forward to learning.

Professors have to embrace the modern appeal of today’s world and technology. Anti-tech professors who can’t change with the times need to be replaced in favor of educators with more experience in leading students in this new edtech revolution. By doing so, we can start to improve our academic system and create a generation of lifelong learners who retain the information from their formal schooling.

Don’t we owe it to our students to give them the best possible higher education we can? Technology is certain to play a major role moving forward, and we should find professors who are prepared.



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