Why We’re Adding LearnOn, EVERFI’s Free Summer Conference, to Our Calendars This Year

As the world shifts towards a more digital landscape, it’s essential for educators, students, and professionals alike to keep pace with emerging trends and key learnings. That is precisely why we are excited to mark our calendars for LearnOn, EVERFI’s free summer conference this year!

LearnOn is a virtual learning experience that offers a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insights into educational technology and stay ahead of the curve. Here, we share some compelling reasons to why you should also consider adding LearnOn to your calendar this summer:

1. Cutting-Edge Topics: LearnOn curates a diverse range of topics centered around digital learning and innovation for a comprehensive understanding of the evolving edtech landscape. This allows you to explore new methodologies, technologies, and approaches that can help elevate your skill set and enrich your perspective on education.

2. Industry Experts & Insightful Discussions: At LearnOn, you have a unique chance to learn from leading experts in the field of education technology. The conference hosts interactive panel discussions that encourage knowledge-sharing and participation from all attendees, ensuring you gain first-hand insights from thought leaders.

3. Networking Opportunities: Despite its virtual format, LearnOn enables attendees to branch out within their professional circles and meet like-minded peers from different industries in an engaging environment. Networking opportunities provide chances for collaboration, mentorship, and mutual learning.

4. Flexible Schedule & Accessibility: As a free virtual conference, EVERFI’s LearnOn brings high-quality content right at your fingertips without any costs or travel limitations. With sessions scheduled over several days to fit different time zones and preferences, you can attend sessions that best align with your schedule.

5. An Emphasis on Diversity & Inclusion: LearnOn values diversity in its programming by prioritizing diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout the conference. This ensures that participants understand how to create more inclusive educational environments and better support diverse learners.

In conclusion, EVERFI’s free summer conference, LearnOn, is an event that should not be missed by anyone interested in educational technology or staying at the forefront of innovation in the digital era. It offers a wealth of knowledge and opportunities that can positively impact your professional growth and enable you to contribute meaningfully to the education landscape. Mark your calendars today and get ready for an enriching experience at LearnOn!

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