Why You Should Become a National Board Certified Teacher

There are several reasons to become a national board-certified teacher. Board-certified educators prove their worth in the classroom every day:

  • Students learn more. A decade of education research shows that learners of Board-certified teachers learn more than their colleagues without Board-certified teachers. Research studies have also found that the impact of obtaining a Board-certified teacher is even more significant for minority and low-income students.
  • Teachers improve their practice. Board Certification allows educators to fine-tune their practice, demonstrate their skill in the classroom, and showcase their dedication to their students.
  • Show a commitment to excellence. Schools with Board Certified Teachers are identifiable by better morale and retention and more community involvement. Districts and schools that want to improve student learning outcomes understand the power of Board certification and are taking steps to encourage and raise the status of educators.

Board Certification Opens Doors

  • Board-certified teachers often receive chances to have an impact way beyond their classrooms.
  • Because Board-certified teachers are lauded as experts, they are often sought out for leadership positions in their schools and districts.
  • NBCTs serve as teacher leaders, department chairs, and coaches. Some NBCTs move on to serve as education administrators or in the state department of education.

Because of Board Certified Teachers’ reputation, states and districts recognize the need to develop a corps of NBCTs who can play a significant role in leading teaching and learning innovations.

Financial Benefits

  • More than half of all states and countless districts provide free support, loans, and/or salary incentives to incentivize teachers to pursue and obtain National Board Certification.
  • Most states count Board certification in state licensure, renewal or step increases.
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