Win a New Classroom Library for Pre-K through Grade 3 From Rosen!

Are you an educator looking to revamp your classroom library? Look no further! Rosen Publishing, a leading educational publisher, is offering an exciting opportunity for Pre-K through Grade 3 educators to win a brand-new classroom library. Here’s everything you need to know about this fantastic giveaway.

## About Rosen Publishing

Rosen Publishing has been at the forefront of producing high-quality educational materials for over 60 years. They are dedicated to helping educators transform their classrooms into engaging learning environments filled with rich and diverse books. Their commitment to nurturing early literacy skills among young readers shines through their wide range of products.

## The Classroom Library Giveaway

To support educators in their quest for high-quality classroom libraries, Rosen Publishing is giving away outstanding collections of books specifically tailored for Pre-K through Grade 3 students. These collections include award-winning titles, bestsellers, and engaging stories that cover various subjects and themes – ranging from science and social studies to fiction and non-fiction.

The lucky winners will not only receive a carefully curated assortment of books but also gain access to Rosen’s digital resources, such as eBooks and interactive databases. This fantastic combination aims to encourage students’ growth while reinforcing essential reading skills.

## How to Enter

Participating in the giveaway is simple and easy! Follow these steps to submit your entry:

1. Visit the Rosen Publishing giveaway website.

2. Fill out the entry form with your name, school, grade level, address, phone number, and a valid email address.

3. In the provided space, write a brief explanation (approximately 250 words) describing why your classroom deserves a new library collection and how it would benefit your students.

Hurry up! The deadline for entries is fast approaching. Make sure you submit your entry before it’s too late.

## Judging Criteria

Winners will be selected based on the quality of their explanation. The judges will be looking for compelling reasons that highlight the importance of a diverse and up-to-date classroom library to your students’ education.

## Final Words

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your classroom library and promote a lifelong love of reading among your young learners. Enter the Rosen Publishing giveaway today and bring the joy of reading to your students with a fantastic collection of age-appropriate and engaging books. Good luck!

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