Win a Social-Emotional Library for Your Classroom


A well-rounded education goes beyond traditional subjects; it should also address the emotional and social development of students. The integration of social-emotional learning (SEL) has become increasingly important as educators recognize its impact on students’ mental health, academic achievement, and future success. One way to foster SEL in your classroom is by incorporating a diverse and supportive collection of books and resources that promote empathy, self-awareness, and emotional resilience. Read on to learn how you can win a social-emotional library for your classroom.

Why Social-Emotional Learning Matters:

SEL equips students with the skills they need to navigate the world effectively and compassionately. By teaching children how to recognize their own emotions, empathize with others, cope with challenges, maintain healthy relationships, and make responsible decisions, we prepare them to become well-adjusted adults in a complex society.

The Role of a Social-Emotional Library:

A carefully curated social-emotional library can be an invaluable asset in developing these essential life skills. By showcasing stories and characters that reflect real-world struggles and triumphs, educators can offer students valuable lessons on empathy, resilience, communication, and coping strategies.

Creating Your Social-Emotional Library:

Building a diverse social-emotional library for your classroom begins by selecting books that explore various themes related to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Choose materials that represent different cultures, family structures, abilities, and backgrounds to ensure an inclusive learning environment.

How to Win a Social-Emotional Library for Your Classroom:

There are several ways you can win a social-emotional library for your classroom:

1. Enter Giveaways: Keep an eye out for publishers or educational organizations that offer giveaways or grants for educators. Many companies will provide free or discounted social-emotional resources as part of their community outreach initiatives.

2. Crowdsource Support: Consider launching a crowdfunding campaign on platforms such as DonorsChoose or GoFundMe, where parents, community members, and local businesses can contribute to the development of your social-emotional library.

3. Apply for Grants: Research and apply for grants designed to promote social-emotional learning in schools. Many foundations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies offer funding opportunities that can help you acquire the resources needed for your students.

4. Network with Other Educators: Connecting with other educators who share your passion for SEL can provide you with valuable insights and opportunities to collaborate, exchange resources, and learn about new materials.

5. Approach Local Businesses: Reach out to local businesses to request donations of SEL books or financial support towards purchasing the necessary materials.


The benefits of incorporating a social-emotional library within your classroom are immense, providing students with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. By exploring various avenues such as giveaways, crowdfunding campaigns, grants, networking, and local business support, you increase your chances of acquiring a comprehensive collection of SEL materials that will foster empathy, resilience, communication skills, and emotional intelligence among your students.

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