Win a Wonder Workshop Classroom Pack: Outfit Your Classroom for Coding With Robots


Get ready for an exciting opportunity to revolutionize your classroom and inspire the next generation of coders, programmers, and tech enthusiasts! Wonder Workshop is offering educators a chance to win a Classroom Pack filled with state-of-the-art robotics and coding tools. Discover how you can enter this amazing contest and outfit your classroom for success.

The Wonder Workshop Robotics Revolution

Wonder Workshop provides educational robotics kits, accessories, and software designed to give students hands-on practice with coding while fostering curricular connections across multiple subjects. They create robot buddies like Dash, Dot, and Cue who help students develop valuable skills such as problem-solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Classroom Pack Inclusions

The Wonder Workshop Classroom Pack includes everything you need to get your students coding with robots. Some of the items in the package are:

1. Dash Robots – Interactive and engaging robots that respond to voice commands, navigate objects, dance, sing, and perform various tasks when coded by the students.

2. Dot Creativity Kits – These compact robots allow students to build imaginative projects using craft materials and teach fundamental coding concepts.

3. Cue Robots – Advanced robots designed for older students that enable learning of higher-level programming using JavaScript or block-based coding.

4. Accessories – A range of different add-ons such as building brick connectors, bulldozer bars, bunny ears, bunny tail, smartphone mount, and much more.

5. Blockly App & Wonder App – Two apps that allow students to program their robot friends using drag-and-drop block-based coding.

How to Enter the Contest

To win this fantastic prize pack for your classroom:

1. Visit Wonder Workshop’s official website.

2. Find the contest entry form or promotion page.

3. Fill out all necessary information including your name, school name, email address, etc.

4. Submit your entry before the contest deadline for a chance to win.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to bring the world of robotics and coding into your classroom. Entering the contest is quick and easy, and the reward is an enriched learning environment where students can thrive in STEM education. Act now and secure the future for your students with Wonder Workshop’s Classroom Pack!

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