Win Everything You Need To Launch Your School’s First Esports Course


Esports is a rapidly growing industry, and schools worldwide are beginning to recognize the potential benefits of incorporating these competitive video gaming programs into their curriculums. Entering the world of esports can be a daunting task for many schools, which is why we’ve created an exciting opportunity for you to win everything you need to launch your school’s first esports course! Read on to find out how your school can become the next hotspot for budding gaming enthusiasts and gain a head start in this booming market.

Why Esports in Schools?

Esports provides students with numerous benefits, including fostering teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. These courses also promote healthy competition among students while teaching them about digital citizenship and online safety. By incorporating esports into the curriculum, schools can engage students who may have struggled to find their place in traditional sports or academic settings.

What’s Included in the Prize Package?

The winning school will receive everything they need to launch their first esports course. This incredible prize package includes:

1. A complete gaming setup, featuring high-powered computers with top-tier graphics cards, gaming monitors, keyboards, mice, and headsets.

2. A one-year subscription to an online esports platform that offers career education modules on game design, broadcasting, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

3. Expert training and support from experienced esports coaches to help you create a successful program tailored to your school’s needs.

4. A custom curriculum designed for your school, which uses esports as a means to teach vital life skills and engage students academically.

How to Enter:

To enter for a chance to win this fantastic prize for your school, submit an application that outlines your vision for incorporating esports into your school’s curriculum and details how winning this package will benefit your students. Be sure to highlight any unique aspects of your proposed program and demonstrate how it will promote student learning across a variety of subject areas.

Additionally, schools should share their plans for ensuring the sustainability of the program, such as obtaining local sponsorships or charging membership fees to support ongoing costs. The winning school will be selected based on the creativity, feasibility, and potential impact of their proposed esports course.


Don’t miss this opportunity to jumpstart your school’s journey into the world of esports, enrich your curriculum, and provide students with an engaging and valuable extracurricular activity. Submit your application now for a chance to win everything you need to launch your school’s first esports course and set your students up for success in this thriving industry. Good luck!

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