Writing a Winning College Scholarship Essay

For some people, college is simply too expensive to be an option. Student debt is a significant issue worldwide, making opportunities such as scholarships that much more critical. 

With that being said, receiving a scholarship comes with its fair share of challenges. Most providers look at many factors, including academic results, extra-curricular activities, letters of recommendation, etc. Also, students who apply for these scholarships are required to complete a letter of application. 

These letters should describe to the provider exactly what the student hopes to achieve at college. This article will discuss a few tips that you should think about while writing your scholarship essay. 

Start Writing the Essay Early

You must take your time when writing your essay. Starting early is always a good idea, as it will give you plenty of time to get creative and think about what you want to say. 

If you rush your essay, it will be very evident to the scholarship provider. This will more than likely prevent them from choosing you, as it will seem as though you do not honestly care about receiving the help. 

Get Personal

Do not be afraid to get personal in your essay. Remember that the more in-depth you go, the more likely your chances of receiving the scholarship. Personal letters show the provider how much you would appreciate the financial assistance. 

With that being said, do not make your letter so personal that it comes across as overly dramatic. This can have the opposite effect. 

Find Out What the Provider Wants

It is imperative to find out precisely what the provider wants before writing your scholarship essay. For example, the provider may be a medical company that wants to support a student who plans to receive their doctorate. If you do not meet these criteria, you would be wasting your time when applying for the scholarship.

If they state that they are looking for a hard-working student, you should focus on describing this quality in your essay. This will make your application stand out when compared to others. 

Concluding Thoughts

When writing a scholarship essay, you should always start early. This will leave you plenty of time to get creative and edit it down the line. Make sure that you get personal and describe exactly why the provider should choose you. Lastly, find out what the provider is looking for in a student.

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