You Can Really Learn in Your Sleep

Can we learn in our sleep? The short answer is yes. Hypnopedia is the ability to learn by hearing when you’re either under hypnosis or asleep, and there is plenty of evidence that proves its existence. Since the discovery produced positive results for researchers in 1965, there have been many other studies showing how you can genuinely learn in your sleep.

Below is a list of skills you can learn and improve in your sleep, with scientific research to support it. However, keep in mind that these methods may not work for everyone in the same way. Regardless, you should still try it out and see if you can learn anything new.

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills

Have you ever come across a problem you simply can’t solve? You may spend hours on it trying to figure out the answer, then suddenly after a long sleep; you’re able to solve it. Research shows that attacking a tough problem (whether that be logical or mathematical) during the day is a lot more difficult than after a healthy night’s sleep. While there is still a lot unknown about the stage directly linked to the problem solving, research conducted at the University of Lancaster has recently concluded that sleep facilities problem-solving for more difficult problems using spreading activation.

Improve Your Memory

Did you know that getting a good nights sleep can improve your memory and ability to recall information? Researchers have previously used EEG machines to trigger reactivation of memories in participants during their sleep, finding that sleep spindles are linked to learning new information when asleep and can consolidate current information or memories. This is good news for anyone wanting to make the most of their sleeping time, especially during the stressful exam season at school.

Despite research proving that you can indeed learn in your sleep, we must remember that this isn’t the case for everyone. Also, there is a lot of credible research that refutes the idea of learning in your sleep. However, it is still useful to know that learning becomes a lot easier with a good nights sleep.

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