Young Children’s Oral Language Development

Young children’s oral language development is ongoing and unique. Oral language skills vary based on a child’s age and understanding, but most children begin to babble and use rudimentary words by 18 months. Utterances become more complex and expressive by 24 months, and children are typically able to communicate effectively by 36 months.

Oral language development generally follows a predictable pattern, but there are a few exceptions. For example, some children begin to babble and use rudimentary words earlier than others, and some children may not start using words until later in development. Additionally, oral language skills may change over time based on a child’s environment and experiences.

Some common oral language milestones for young children include the following:

– 18 months: Begins to babble and use rudimentary words

– 24 months: Uses more complex words and phrases, and begins to communicate effectively

– 36 months: Communication is typically effective

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