10 Activity Ideas Inspired By The Day You Begin


The Day You Begin is an inspiring children’s book by Jacqueline Woodson that encourages readers to find the beauty in their diverse stories and experiences. Embracing our unique backgrounds and life situations can lead to increased self-esteem and a greater sense of belonging. To help you make the most of this powerful message, we’ve compiled a list of 10 activity ideas that are inspired by the themes found within The Day You Begin.

1.Identity Collages:

Gather art supplies like magazines, newspapers, photos, or drawings to create a visual representation of each individual’s personal story. Encourage participants to share their collages with others and discuss the importance of diversity within a community.

2.Cultural Food Swap:

Organize a cultural potluck where each person brings a dish from their heritage or family tradition. This activity encourages people to learn about different cultures and appreciate the diverse flavors present in society.

3.Language Bingo:

Create custom bingo cards with words from various languages spoken by members of your community or class. As you call out the words, participants mark off the corresponding spaces on their card until someone has bingo!

4.Personal Narratives:

Have students write a short narrative that highlights a unique experience or moment in their lives where they found strength through their differences.

5.Read-Alouds Featuring Diversity:

Choose books that celebrate diverse experiences and cultures, and conduct group read-aloud sessions accompanied by discussions around each story.

6.Multicultural Art Exploration:

Explore art from different cultures as a group, either through museum trips or online resources. Discuss the history behind the art pieces and how they reflect aspects of various cultures.

7.Singing Songs from Around the Globe:

Introduce songs from different countries and teach them to your group members. Singing together can create connections between people and foster an appreciation for the music of other cultures.

8.Interviewing Elders:

Encourage participants to interview an older family member or community member about their background and experiences, fostering intergenerational connections and understanding of diverse histories.

9.Inclusive Games and Sports:

Organize games and sports activities that emphasize teamwork, inclusivity, and fun rather than competition. This can help cultivate a sense of belonging among group members with diverse backgrounds.

10.Community Service Projects:

Participate in community service projects as a group, which fosters collaboration and bonding among individuals while also giving back to the larger community.


By engaging with these 10 activity ideas inspired by The Day You Begin, you can encourage self-expression, empathy, and appreciation for diversity in your group or community. Remember that when we embrace our differences and come together, we create a stronger, more vibrant world.

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