10 Awesome Fire Prevention Week Lesson Ideas for Grades 3-5


Fire Prevention Week is an excellent opportunity for students in grades 3-5 to learn about the importance of fire safety and prevention. Here are ten engaging and educational lesson ideas to help students gain knowledge and develop essential skills during this week.

1. Fire Escape Plan:

Have your students create a fire escape plan for their home or classroom using grid paper. Encourage them to include a detailed layout, labeled rooms, and at least two escape routes. This will teach them the importance of having a plan in case of a fire emergency.

2. Smoke Alarm Experiment:

Teach the importance of smoke alarms by conducting a simple experiment. Light incense or a scented candle and demonstrate how quickly a smoke alarm detects it when placed nearby. Discuss the significance of smoke alarms in saving lives during fires.

3. Firefighter Visit:

Invite a local firefighter to talk to your students about their job, fire safety, and how to react in case of emergency. This will provide students with valuable insights from an expert and make the lesson more interactive.

4. Stop, Drop, and Roll:

Introduce the concept of “Stop, Drop, and Roll” by making it a fun group activity. Instruct students on how to perform this life-saving technique when their clothes catch on fire and then have them practice individually or in pairs.

5. Fire Safety Skits:

Divide your class into small groups and ask each group to create a skit demonstrating various fire safety practices such as checking smoke detectors, creating escape plans or practicing stop, drop, and roll.

6. Fire Prevention Posters:

Let your students unleash their creativity by designing fire prevention posters that promote awareness about preventing fires at home or school. Display the posters around the school to educate others about fire safety.

7. Fire Drill Procedures:

Review proper procedures for school fire drills by having students participate in a practice drill. Discuss the importance of staying calm, following instructions, and knowing where to meet outside.

8. Online Resources:

Explore online resources like the National Fire Protection Association’s website (www.nfpa.org) with your students to research fire prevention tips and guidelines. Have them share their findings for group discussion.

9. Home Inspection Checklist:

Create a home inspection checklist containing various items related to fire safety (e.g., functioning smoke alarms, unblocked exits, working fire extinguishers, etc.). Assign students to inspect their homes using the checklist and discuss the results as a class.

10. Fire Safety Quiz:

Wrap up Fire Prevention Week with a quiz that tests students’ understanding of fire safety concepts and practices learned throughout the week. Recognize and reward top performers to encourage their continued interest in fire prevention.


These ten lesson ideas can help make Fire Prevention Week educational and enjoyable for grades 3-5 students. Remember, teaching them about fire safety early on will encourage responsible behaviors that can ultimately save lives.

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