10 Exciting Ways to Incorporate the Day it Rained Hearts Into Your Classroom

1.Read Aloud: Begin by reading “The Day it Rained Hearts” by Felicia Bond to your students. Encourage active listening by asking students to predict what will happen next and share their thoughts on the story.

2.Retell the Story: In small groups, have students retell the story using their own words or create a storyboard with illustrations to depict the events in the book.

3.Heart Mobiles: A fun and engaging hands-on activity is for students to create their own heart mobiles using construction paper, string, and art supplies. Display these creations around the classroom as a reminder of the story’s important message.

4.Writing Prompt: Ask students to imagine a day when it rained something other than hearts. Provide a writing prompt asking them what it rained, how they would feel, and what they would do with what fell from the sky.

5.Science Connection: Teach a science lesson on rain and cloud formations, incorporating facts about how rain occurs in nature. Encourage students to compare these scientific facts with the magical event from the book.

6.Heart Math: Incorporate math by giving students various heart-themed math problems and activities, such as measuring different sized hearts or counting collections of hearts using different methods (sorting, graphing, etc.).

7.Character Analysis: Have students choose one of the characters in the book (such as Cornelia Augusta) and analyze their thoughts, feelings, and actions through writing or during group discussions.

8.Theme Exploration: Discuss themes of kindness, friendship, and creativity found in “The Day it Rained Hearts.” Encourage students to think about how these themes relate to their lives and generate ideas for spreading kindness in their own communities.

9.Art Connection: Create heart-related art projects such as thumbprint heart cards, tissue paper stained glass hearts, or friendship bracelets with heart patterns to further engage your students in the story and its messages.

10.Dramatic Play: Lastly, transform a corner of the classroom into a scene from the book (such as Cornelia’s workshop) for students to act out the story or create their own plotlines inspired by “The Day it Rained Hearts.”

By including these exciting and enriching activities in your classroom, you can promote literacy skills, critical thinking, creativity, and social-emotional learning while sharing the magic of “The Day it Rained Hearts” with your students.


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